Learn More About Betting Methods Banned in Casinos

The casino player rumour mill constantly grinds out stories about banned betting methods, banned practices, and players banned for winning too much. Whether they are true or not, those stories can cause concern among players who want to adopt a more professional approach to games such as roulette.

Betting methods are systems usually based on mathematical principles that supposedly guarantee a big win, or at least recovering your bets, at some stage in the game. Perhaps one of the most well known betting method is the Martingale system, which sees increasingly bigger bets being placed.

We need to tell you right from the start that few, if any, casinos have actually banned betting methods.

They have banned outright cheating as well as some advantage play practices, but betting systems? Not really, and the simple reason for that is because few players who use methods such as the Martingale system, actually land the promised big wins. The house makes too much money off betting methods to ban them.

Banned Betting Methods

Cheating vs. Advantage Play

It is important that you understand the difference between cheating and advantage play, even if only to know what you may be able to get away with.

If you are unfamiliar with a casino and its rules, you should be able to find them on the gambling floor, on the casino’s website, or at an information desk. If in doubt, read the rules.

Cheating is basically performing any action that is specifically prohibited by the provincial, state, or national gambling authority. Such actions could range from using various devices and contraptions, interfering with gaming paraphernalia, or fiddling with the chips to basically defraud the casino.

When it comes to games such as online roulette, cheating usually comes down to using computer programmes, apps, or bots to predict results to be produced by a game’s random number generator.

Casinos, on the other hand, frown upon advantage play, but it is seldom banned. However, if casinos catch you using advantage play techniques, they may invoke Right of Admission Reserved, and ask you to leave the building.

Advantage Play in Casinos

Some of the better-known forms of roulette advantage play include analysing wheels to find those with number or pin landing biases, or using a counting rhythm to find numbers likely to win.

The subject of roulette computers is a murky one. Roulette computers a hand-held devices that analyse the timing of the wheel and the ball to predict where the ball will land.

In some countries, the use of electronic devices is specifically prohibited, while in other countries, casinos may have banned such devices, while the provincial or state laws may only prohibit devices that may have a direct influence on the outcomes of games.

Card counting is perhaps the most common form of advantage play in games such as blackjack. Card counters basically try keep track of high and low value cards already dealt, as a means of trying to predict the composition of hands still to be dealt. This type of betting method is quite tricky and is frowned upon by many casinos and banned by a few, but it’s one that most accept that if a player is capable of doing so successfully, they have earned the right.

Now you know a bit more about betting methods, what’s acceptable and what’s banned, you can reap the rewards with a clear conscience when playing your preferred games.