Horse racing has always been a popular sport for bettors to make big profit. If you are also getting into betting on horse races, you must be wondering how you can manage to have a long running success in betting on horse races and how you can profit massively from it. To know how you can profit from betting on horses, you need to know everything about betting first.

Let’s start with the fundamentals:

Horse Racing

Betting on Winning Only

Here in the land down under, and we love to keep things simple. The simplest bet that you can make is for a straight up win for a horse to finish first. Many bookmakers like this Australian online bookmaker allow you to make payments on the double result which caters to the possibility of your winning horse being disqualified even after coming in first due to what we know as a stewards’ enquiry. You still get paid because of this.

Betting on Place Only

This is something which was originally available to the betting exchanges but this market is now also being offered by online bookmakers. You can use it to bet on the place of the runners on 8 to 10 consecutive races.

Betting on Each Way

This is something which allows you to place two separate bets in the same race. One can be for the winning horse and the other for a position attained at the end of the race. This is most popularly made use of when there are 8 or more runners in a horse race and the position is settled in competitive handicaps. This is the area where the market is well widely up for grabs as there are a lot of opportunities here. If you place a bet on the first place and the second place horses correctly, the dividends are then calculated complex numbers that you don’t have to care about but this is something that can offer you a very good value.

Betting on Tricast

This is actually quite the same thing as betting each way but it involves a third horse as well. If the bettor can correctly predict the first, second and third in the right order, there can be a lot of value involved for the winning bettor.

Betting on Accumulators

Ah, this is something that you see a lot among the horse racing betting enthusiasts. This is one of the most popular kinds of bets in the betting market where the more optimistic bunch among the bettors will try their luck in finding the possibility of multiple winners combined into a singular bet. This enables the multiplication of the winnings on their bets twice or even thrice. Among the most popular form of this kind of bet is called the Yankee. You get to bet on four different selections and you can place a total of eleven bets in it.

Make use of this knowledge about betting to start getting in on the horse betting game and learn how to maintain a good betting form in this highly profitable market.