SBOBet is one of the biggest players in online betting industry. By operating under license from the government of Isle of Man and Philippine, the company has been serving its worldwide members since 2004 under the flag of Celton Manx Ltd.



The website combines elegant design with dominant blue color, which successfully delivers a convenient browsing experience, without hurting user’s eyes. Furthermore, the website also comes with easy navigation, a perfect addition to the nearly perfect website.


SBOBet is famous for many things. One of them is the variety of betting events it offers, which covers more than 30 events. And there’s one more thing. Once a player joined this platform, he/she will be welcomed with highly competitive betting odds. A really great way to greet new members and keep the existing in touch.

Betting Odds

SBOBet works based on risk bet. FYI, this betting type is currently raising to trend in Far East. It’s a perfect type the company choose due to its low losing risk. All of this because this betting type offers only 2 alternatives that can happen during a bet.


Competitive odds are one thing, but it’s not SBOBet if it didn’t come with more. So, that’s it. The company also offers various promotions and bonus besides its amazing features. New members, for example, are eligible for welcome bonus and there are a lot of other bonuses to existing members. However, due to the company regulation, bettors are required to use the bonus on several betting events before it can be withdrawn.

Payment method

This platform now supports multiple payment methods, including, but not limited to major credit cards, debit cards, and online payment providers.

User oriented

SBOBet runs its business for its customers. Everything is done for their customer’s satisfaction. For this reason, the company presents a wide range of amazing features for those who join their platform.

Language and currency

SBOBet members come from all around the world. To ensure everyone gets the best betting experience, this platform now supports multiple language and currencies, including, but not limited to Thailand, Korea, Japanese, Spanish, German, Myanmar, Chinese, Vietnam, Bahasa Indonesia, and English as well as their currency.

Customer support

It’s not difficult to find out what makes many people remember SBOBet as one of the best player in online gambling industry. Among those reasons, the company’s customer support is one of the best of its kind.


Any person can send inquiry to the company through It doesn’t matter whether the sender is existing member of the company or not. The company always give its best effort in replying the inquiry, usually within 24 hours.

Telephone and fax

For more urgent purposes, people can contact the company through phone call by dialling +44 1642721960 (Europe), +63 27296516 (Asia), or +63 28563776 (Asia). For those who prefers fax, the company is also available through +63 28563766 (Asia) and +44 1624721966 (Europe).


For those who seek a bit more interactive way to contact the company, SBOBet is available for contact at sbo-css.